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  • "Thank you very much Rob - your book is a delight."
    — John Bottoms, principal, Bottoms English Lawyers, Cairns Qld
  • "Thanks for your help – your publication and service is first class. I don’t know how I did Family Law for the last ten years without it."
    Jeff Horsey, solicitor, Ormeau Qld
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    Jonathon Priestley, Lismore Chambers, Lismore NSW
  • "Thanks Robert for the prompt reply. I am really impressed by your prompt and helpful service – it makes our lives so much easier."
    Natalie McDonald, solicitor, Schultz Toomey O’Brien, Kawana Qld
  • "Thank you for your carefully thought out reply, your suggestions are extremely helpful."
    Lyn Gee, Whitelum & Associates, Port Augusta SA
  • "Thanks for the information. Very clear and extremely well explained. I have requested advice on one other occasion and as usual the timeframe of the response and the content is outstanding. Such a fantastic resource."
    Luke Taylor, Taits Legal, Warrnambool Vic
  • "I think the service is absolutely fabulous and my colleagues and I are so grateful for the invaluable resource that it provides to us."
    Fiona Hoad, director, Somerville Legal, North Sydney NSW
  • "Probably the best Resource in Family Law I’ve ever come across – It’s a ripper!"
    David Bongiorno of Bongiorno Solicitors, St. Kilda Vic
  • "TFLB has been wonderful for me. Whoever thought of the idea is very clever, I have used the legal helpline many times and it has always guided and assisted me."
    Kirsteen Milne, Palmer Stevens & Rennick, Kyneton Vic
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    Antonella Sanderson, Family Law Matters, Cronulla, NSW
  • "I feel confident and supported when I put questions to The Family Law Book author."
  • "We use it all the time … it’s very easy to access everything ... we’re very happy with it."
    Glenn Atkinson, Rostron Carlyle, Brisbane Qld
  • "I continue to enjoy The Book and your regular updates. It is one of the best publications going around."
    Ian Shann, National Practice Group Leader Family Law, Melbourne Vic
  • "The promptness of your [legal help line] reply is utterly amazing!"
    David Earnshaw, Earnshaw Lawyers, Midland, WA
  • "My stress eliminator and safety net ... [is] always there [for] the very best advice."
    Ria Himona-Thompson, Welsh Welsh, Nambour, Qld
  • "Thank you for your prompt reply. Again your assistance is great." Simon
    Grover, Grover Law, Narrabeen, NSW
  • "I am finding the assistance from your company extremely supportive."
    Graeme Rattigan, Rattigan Assocs, Success, WA
  • "It was a silk who 'sold' me The Family Law Book - [X] was going into court, emailed you a question and received the answer that 'would have taken ages to figure out'."
    Anon barrister
  • "This really is an excellent service, particularly for us sole practitioners who really have only a service such as yours and trusted colleagues (who may know even less than us anyway) to consult."
    Michael Gray, Cartledge Law, Tewantin ,Qld
  • "Thanks so much – big help as usual (experience is everything!!)"
    Jenny Thame, lawyer, TSA Lawyers, Ringwood, Vic
  • "Thank you very much for that advice and information - it was really helpful. Something as thorough as your reply I had been seeking from counsel but it was not forthcoming. I do have some follow up questions to forward later on but I had to respond immediately by thanking you for your efficient and thought-provoking advice."
    Susan Subramaniam of Women's Legal Service (SA), Adelaide, SA
  • "The Family Law Book has become an essential part of my practice. The E-book is great for researching all areas of family law – it’s an up to date, comprehensive and easy to access resource. The Legal Help Line is the jewel in the crown for me. I have received excellent prompt guidance many times pointing me in the right direction and saving me much time. Other useful resources are available as well. I highly recommend The Family Law Book. Your annual investment pays off in a very short time."
    Alan Blumberg, Blackman Legal, Lindfield, NSW
  • "Thank you so much. Your [legal help] response was extremely helpful and practical, directing me to relevant precedents in both the eBook and similar cases. Your responses are always timely and a great resource."
    Belinda Henry, Piper Craig Henry Lawyers, Tweed Heads, NSW.
  • "It certainly helps to have a sounding board that bounces back such knowledgeable well reasoned and well researched guidance. Your service is invaluable to me in a practice where no one else does family law."
    Laurel James McAlister Cartmill, Coolum Beach Qld
  • "I have recently downloaded The Family Law Book to my iPad which I always take to court and meetings with me. It is so handy to have the information I need right there in front of me whilst I am at court with my client. I have been able to get information I need quickly and even draft orders from your precedents and then print them out to sign and hand up all in a few minutes - so much easier than writing them out by hand (and having to read them out to the Court when they can't read my scrawly writing!). I have also recently received a compliment from the Bench for my ‘very thorough and clear’ parenting orders in a complicated children's matter - little did the FM know they were really mostly your precedent!"
    Sue Westall South Qld Law Toowoomba Qld
  • "That is an amazing summary of what I needed to get started (and much more). Thank you so much for being there to consult with and for being so prompt in your response. What you have provided to me is obviously years of hard-earned experience."
    Jacqueline R Dahl solicitor advocate, Frenchs Forest NSW
  • "Thanks Rob, I wish I could have you in the office to be my permanent mentor."
    Jenny Thame, Lawyer, TSA Lawyers, Ringwood, Vic
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    David Earnshaw Lawyer, Midland, WA
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    Leisa Toomey, Schultz Toomey O’Brien, Kawana, North Lakes and Brendale, Qld
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    Ali Lyons, Lawyer, Connolly Suthers Lawyers, Townsville Qld
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    Anna Smith Managing Practitioner Bosscher Lawyers, Brisbane Qld
  • "Our community legal service would never have successfully survived without The Family Law Book: your resource is absolutely invaluable!”
    Louise Skidmore, principal solicitor, Pine Rivers Community Legal Service, Qld
  • "Thanks heaps. Your service is invaluable especially to a sole practitioner. You can quote me on that."
    Candice Rosborough-Ball Principal RB Family Law Noosaville Qld