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The Family Law Book was put together by an experienced lawyer – former barrister, sole practitioner and accredited family law specialist – who understands the needs of a family lawyer.

It contains contents, index, case table, essential resources, client preliminaries, divorce, children, child support and maintenance, spousal maintenance, property, other routine procedures (consent orders, subpoenas, discovery of documents etc) and financial agreements.
  • Our loose-leaf service (Hard Copy Package) comes in a ring-bound A-4 binder in Library Buckram.
  • Our E-Book Package includes a digital version of our Book, so everyone may access it wherever they are – at the office, home, court or in transit – without having to wait for the Book to become free.
  • Both hard copy and e-Book are updated quarterly and include access to our members’ website. Our e-Book has links to forms, precedents and cases.
  • Our members’ website includes court forms and over 300 pages of precedents, monthly "latest notable cases", an indexed archive of 1,000+ case notes, useful papers and brochures, up to the minute practice news and our unique legal help line.
The Family Law Book will take you quickly where you want to go. It will drive your bottom line, the professional development of your staff and the credibility of the family law aspect of your practice.